Monday, November 28, 2011

Reaction: Jigsaw - Supporting Investigative Analysis Through Interactive Visualization

The paper discusses about Jigsaw and External cognition aid. Jigsaw connects actions in one view to the other and resembles a puzzle.
The author has tried to discuss more about the data structures , system architecture and event messaging of the visualization technique which gives more theoretical knowledge about Jigsaw tool through the paper.

They have tried to  highlight and communicate connections and relationships between entities. I too agree to the fact this would be visually more easy to understand by the global community. They have done it by tabular connections,semantic graph , scatter plot and text view. The filters given for list view, the incremental nature of graph view , readable scatter plot with range sliders and color coding used in text view were very helpful for large amount of data which data analysts would come across in their daily life.

Overall Jigsaw has tried to do most of the requirements a data analysts requires though it has not been able to represent estimates and probability. The author has mentioned that its not for careful analysis, so keeping that fact ,I think that the views created would be a good read for data analysts and people related to data visualizations.