Monday, November 28, 2011

Reaction : Tag Clouds and the Case for Vernacular Visualization

The paper discusses about the well known historical topic tag clouds, variety of inputs to and usage patterns. Historical evolvement of tag clouds , and their usage in aggregation of tags and analytical data were good to read. Agreeing to author that when it started analyzing documents, it was more of word cloud , and to the fact that tag clouds help search for specific items in the display.
I believe that tag clouds have changed the information visualizations deeply as the authors have suggested but considering the fact that it was discovered long back there has not been a significant improvement to the field. I think its because of the complexity of word representation. Even though tag clouds do not belong to the visualization field fully I would like it to be part of the info viz as it helps analyze  huge amount of data in a summarized way. Though its a vernacular visualization it has moved the entire infoviz industry is what I believe.