Sunday, November 27, 2011

Reaction: Information visualization for text analysis

It provides a nice overview on text analysis starting from TAKMI text mining interface to Jigsaw, IMB Web Fountain project, TRIST information system, SeeSoft, TextArc, The Word Tree visualization, Many Eyes, Wordle, New York Times' speech example, NameVoyager, ThemeRiver, and PaperLens.
Not only the related works but also the images help the viewer to see the trend of text visualization.
It also confirms that visualization helps to find a trend or influence in a meaningful way. For example, it talks about the influence on psychological principle called phonesthesia which analysts were able to find the effect by the patterns shown in a visualization tool, NameVoyager.
It's nice of the author to provide the context online.
It seems most of the entities extracted from the retrieved documents are people, place, country, time, and organizations. I wonder what other entities there can be.