Monday, November 28, 2011

Reaction : Information visualization for text analysis

The chapter discusses about contents of text collections from a more analytical point of view through text mining challenges and examples, document concordances and word frequencies. It can be deduced that the user of the visualization makes a huge difference in effectiveness of the viz. I am agreeing to the point of Veerasamy and Heikes where they say interest of searcher would be different from that of computation linguist.

In this chapter we could see how the readings on Jigsaw and Tilebars were incorporated. This chapter had covered almost all the major examples we could think of in word / tag visualizations or which are generally knows as Tag/Word Cloud. The transition from historical way of representing text to the new era was an interesting read. It was very clear from the chapter that importance of visualizing textual data is gaining more and more importance day by day. The chapter was basically a summary of different tools and visualizations which we read and reacted in previous readings , with sufficient images and explanation.Overall the chapter was a good read.