Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reaction: Jigsaw: Supporting Investigative Analysis through Interactive Visualization

This paper discusses about Jigsaw analyst tool which provides an analyst with multiple perspectives on a document collection. The system's primary focus in on displaying connections between entities in the documents.

Jigsaw presents information about documents and entities through four distinct visualizations. A tabular connections view containing multiple reorderable lists of entities in which connections between entities are shown by coloring related entities and drawing links between them. A grahp view displaying connections between entities and reports in a node-link diagram. A scatter plot view giving an overview of the relationships between any two entity categories. A text view displaying the original documents highlighting entities.

I think all these visualizations would be very useful. I like the idea that if user interacts using events among "select and show", that will propagate to all the views/visualizations. That way the analyst will know how the event will play in all the views. Integrating Microsoft OneNote to capture the thoughts will also be very helpful.

But, I suppose that Information analysis from multiple documents in real-time scenario is much complex. The Jigsaw is certainly a great start, where the software which is written in Java has an MVC architecture. There is certainly no flaw in the software architecture. But, the authors probably would want to interact with analysts and make a survey, which will help them incorporate features which would help analysts in real-time situation.