Monday, November 28, 2011

Reaction : Tile Bars - Visualization of Term Distribution information in full text information access.

In this paper the author has tried to discuss about a new technique or tool called TileBars for visualization. It was able to incorporate length, frequency and distribution of terms in a document using this tool.

As the author has mentioned they help in understanding boolean type queries. The major challenges faced in information retrieval that is , Problem with ranking, importance of document structure were addressed in Tilebars. Author has described the advantages of Tilebars using similarity search , boolean search etc which was very informative.

I felt that,  if the author had put images in color the understanding of the topic would have been seamlessly easy. Even though author has described everything in detail, the paper lacked images for description. Understanding  the description was not very easy , I felt it bit confusing. The importance of  info crystal and cube could have been made more clear , as in how it relates to the data analysis part since it is not useful for explaining the frequency or  distribution information. But over all the idea looked interesting.