Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reaction:Jigsaw: Supporting Investigative Analysis through Interactive Visualization

I found this paper to be the most interesting. It talks about a system called Jigsaw that represents documents and their entities visually in order to help analysts examine reports more efficiently and develop theories about potential actions more quickly. The Jigsaw provides a special emphasis on visually illustrating connections between entities across the different documents.

There are four views provided by the system. Some are mainly textual and report based. So they fall under the category of text view and scatter view. The text view has document in highlighted entities which shows that the main focus is in that particular region. The scatter view provides sliders to ponder over specific entities in a report and its connections. The other views in the system are list view and semantic view. As the name suggests the list view provides a list of entities and relations between them where as the semantic view is a graphical representation of the entities and their relationships. The text view provides an interesting view by allowing the raw report to be viewed with highlighted words that group by colors.

Overall it was a very interesting paper. I think the scenario explained at the end of the paper through figure 6 was pretty interesting. I think it highlights the basic gist of the paper and is a good practical example of all the views explained so far in the paper.