Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reaction: Jigsaw: Supporting Investigative Analysis through Interactive Visualization

Jigsaw is an intelligent technique that can be used to visualize textual data in a variety of ways by constructing views using the document sets. Jigsaw does not actually analyse the documents but helps in analysis of the documents by visualizing the data in an interesting manner. The four views provided by the author are very ingenious in retrieving the points of interest from the given set of documents. The representation of data as stated in the first two views by generating small reports could help the analysts to focus more on relationships as these views could point to a more nearer range than wasting a lot of time. 

The representation of data in graph view and list view using different symbols and use of sizes is a good way of representing data in multiple dimensions. I think the representation of scatter plots forms good relationships between various documents as the similarity of various documents can be best represented. I think the propagation of actions from one view to another is an interesting part of the tool as this is what required for the efficient use of the tool.  This tool helps in drawing good relationships between entities when dealing on a big dataset.