Monday, November 28, 2011

Information visualization for text analysis

This chapter mainly focuses on the visualization of the textual data. This is something we have been revisiting throughout the classes in our discussions and many of the initial visualization presented by the class have covered quite a few of the cited visualization in the chapter.

Textual mining mainly focuses on showing the significant entities in the document and also the relationship with other significant ones. However the chapter categorizes into Visualization for Text Mining, Visualizing Document Concordances and Word Frequencies
and Visualizing Literature and Citation Relationships. The ibm webfountain looks good but is using a lot of colors with gradient hard to differentiate. If you focus on the 3rd bar graph , it is very difficult Sergey brin and bill gates (both have almost same color ). The tag cloud looks cool but really hard to identify all the word because of the orientation.

I think the new york times representation is really a good one to look for , it is simple with a lot of clarity in showing the frequency by size and having them arranged in line which makes it easy to compare.

Overall it is a good chapter to go through as we have been visiting these intermittently during our lectures.