Sunday, September 4, 2011

Viz: iYou: Revealing the iPhone's Hidden Usage Data Logs

Not sure it works but good idea

iYou: Revealing the iPhone's Hidden Usage Data Logs


iYou [] is an almost-working proof-of-concept developed by Mind Design that visualizes the still relatively unexposed usage data of a typical iPhone, such as historical phone call activity, text message contents, or Facebook communication patterns.

For instance, it might be interesting to explore the preferred communication channels with with which you tend to talk with the people in your contact list (e.g. check out the different screenshots), with whom you communicate the most often and when these communications occur, what apps you use most often, or which smiley icons have been used in the last year.

The aim of the project is to prototype the visualization application as an iTunes plugin, which would be able to access the latest iPhone backup files and display the different graphs and diagrams within the normal iTunes window.

See also OpenPaths and CrowdFlow, and iPhone Tracker and Mobile Report.

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