Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tool: VIDI Wizard A tool to Build and Embed Visualizations

VIDI suite is a set of Drupal modules through which we can create different types of data visualizations. Using VIDI tools we can display changes in data values over time, relate data in various ways to geographical maps, or display static datasets through different types of charts. We can use Dataviz website to create visual data displays. This site also generates embed code to place the visualizations on blogs or websites. These modules can also be downloaded and customized in our own Drupal site.

Creating a visualization is very easy. Just upload the data and select a visualization type. VIDI provides number of mapping and customization options. Customize the visualization as required and chart, timeline or map is ready to use. A video tutorial to create visualizations is also provided on the home page.

Here is a link to one of the visualizations I created. This Visualization is a mini version of Gapminder World where X axis is GDP and Y axis is Life Expectancy. The circle stands for a country, whose color depicts the region and size depicts the population. Different graphs drawn using VIDI can be seen on the homepage

Link to the tool: