Monday, September 5, 2011

Tool: Venatrack Tracking, Coaching and Graphics

Many say France disaster in 2010 world cup was due the fact that they didnt deserve to play in it, in the first place. It's now in record books that Henry's controversial goal allowed France to get through, agaisnt the odds, over Ireland is a known fact. FIFA is trying to use all possible technological abilities it can, to ensure that no such fracas takes place in future.

I found a tool called Venatrack which might be useful in today's modern era of fast paced football. As mentioned on their site - 'Venatrack is dedicated to delivering the next generation of commercial applications for those working within football.' It offer utility tools that can not only help in post-game analysis but can assist referees in controversial moments of the game. Not only that if this can be incorporated in the current age of 3d and HD televiewing, it can give supporters an insight into work-rate of the professional footballers when it comes to finding out who was the MVP(i know football doesn't have a MVP :P)

What I find interesting is 'Venatrack’s system goes further than providing raw performance data: it sets new standards for the capture and analysis of real time video images and the immediate provision of all resulting in; LIVE player movement, including accurate individual, player positions.'

For example-

in this snapshot that I took from the video one can see how the forward makes a run before the player in possesion of the ball can deliver the pass. This can be very useful in case where one needs to check for offside(player making runs ahead of defender before ball is passed).

Many more such interesting videos can be found on Venatrack site.

The technology that is used by the tool to collect data includes tracking X, Y and Z coordinates of the players real time and its accuracy (the site claims) is unmatched at +/- 100mm at 30 Hz per second and the player identification operating at 98% accuracy. I am trying to find out in more details how the data flows from the pitch to computer in real time and will update this post as soon as I can...