Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tool: Impure - visual programming language

Impure is a visual programming language for creating a wide variety of visualizations. It was created by a Barcelona based company called Bestiaro. To access the tool, you must create and access your account on the Impure website. This gives you access to the workspace where you create visualizations by dragging and dropping the data sources, data structures and visualization types. Data manipulation can flow into each other and eventually into a visualization type. The tool allows you to access a number of publicly available data sources, but I don't see that you can upload your own data source.

The tool is very visual, and allows access to a number of different data types and visualization types that are browsable and searchable. Once saved, your workspace is freely available on the web. One example of a visualization created by this tool can be found here which shows the most popular tags for a selection of websites.