Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reaction : Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Role of Interaction in Information Visualization

The paper clearly gives the relation between representation and interaction. The paper is more biased towards dynamic visualization than static, which I feel should also have been included in his definition on visualization. After reading the paper "The Eyes Have It: A Task by Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualizations", I can closely relate the taxonomies and their practical implementation. The author supports his reason to stress on interaction more than representation by stating that enough research had already been done on representation that interaction, which I strongly agree.

The categorization of interaction was brilliantly done, using a rationale scale. The examples that author provides to each of the categories helped me in understanding the concept really well. The start of the paper was done elaborately by giving the synopsis of the research done till now, by summarizing some popular papers in the field. The screenshot's are blurred. I think its because of the size constraint. This paper is a pathfinder to the research on interaction.