Monday, September 19, 2011

Reaction: Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Role of Interaction in Information Visualization

The paper gives us a deep insight into the importance of interaction in information visualization. The author stresses the need of interaction in any form of visualization by categorizing the different ways in which it is actually used implicitly. Although researchers have worked on the representation part of the data sets in information visualization, there has been less work on the interaction part of the information visualization, and the author quotes this by referring to the recent publications in the field of information visualization.

The author stresses the importance of interaction by making a point that even static images can be considered to have an implicit way of communicating information from the system to the user through passive interaction. The author talks about different taxonomies that were considered for understanding Information visualization and stresses on the importance of having considering interaction to be taken more seriously in trying to build better systems. The paper gives us an insight into differentiating the users of the model to the viewers of the model.

The author also gives us their approach in coming with a solution for building better models by making it very clear that interaction plays a significant role in info-viz systems. The way in which they have elucidated their work giving us an overview of the efforts really made me help get ideas on building up for my work in providing me direction.

The paper helps in categorizing different techniques that can be used to discuss interaction techniques. The paper provides for giving out information on the scope for research in information visualization.