Monday, September 19, 2011

Reaction: A Review of Overview+ Detail, Zooming, and Focus+ Context Interfaces

This is a very interesting paper that deals with different aspects of visualization like focussing, zooming, overview+detail display, focus+context interfaces, panning etc. This paper basically summarizes the state of research on interfaces that allow users to work at multiple levels of detail and to identify effective and ineffective uses of them.

The author has used several examples in this paper to put across his point. The most interesting among these were the Document Lens which uses continuous functions to diminish document regions with distance from the focus and the mixed resolution large display using the 1024*768 LCD which is an excellent example for panning. In this the images are stitched together in software to ensure that panning actions in one image causes the changes to take place in the corresponding image as well. I also like the idea of the hyperbolic tree browser and Fisheve distortion effects with icon-panels. I think it is an interesting concept.