Monday, September 19, 2011

Reaction: A Review of Overview+Detail, Zooming, and Focus+Context Interface

This is an excellent review paper to help people wishing to work on similar fields to gain knowledge of what interface mechanisms were available till the date of the paper. It being a paper of the past four years it is pretty much useful in understanding the current state-of-the-art in the field of data visualization particularly concentrating in interface strategies.

The author tries to categorize the interface mechanisms to four, Overview + Detail, Zooming and Focus+Context and by doing so, successfully allows users to attain both focussed and contextual views of the data samples. The author tries to separate the data samples to be viewed either as a focussed view or a contextual view to be able to comprehend the complete information that is meant to be and according to him, any system that manages to do so is close to represent an ideal one. Most of the research work that has happened post this paper have results that resemble what this paper has to say on a high-level abstraction and is well supported by the studies on similar grounds. This paper is an exhaustive information list for the ways interface mechanisms are to be built and is an easy paper to read with lots of information.