Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reaction : The Eyes Have It - A Task by Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualizations

The paper discusses several tasks and data types that aid readers in visualizing a visualization. The examples provided for each data type gives the reader a good idea about what the author wants to convey in his theory. The traditional relational databases can be replaced with good visualizations is one of the point that the user makes, but I feel that when it comes to representing huge data, nothing can beat relational databases. The author's summary of the basic visualization mantra " overview first, zoom and filter, then details-on demand" reiterates the point of KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid). The detailed analysis of the tasks is very helpful in understanding the concept, and the advanced filtering options is an interesting topic to do research on. I completely agree with the author that any data can be visually represented by the seven data types. the relation of the tasks with the data types was explained in a very cognitive manner and helped me in understanding the difference between the data types clearly.

Overall the paper looked a bit outdated as the examples provided in it are quite far from the current day implementations of the same tasks and data types. But, the concepts are still the foundations of the present day theories that details about interaction with the visualization. This paper mainly helps a designer while developing his visualization as most of it deals with the ways that help a reader in visualizing the visualizations.