Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reaction: The Eyes Have It: A Task by Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualizations

The research paper deals with some of the typical data types in here namely 1-, 2- , 3- dimensional data, temporal and multi - dimensional data, and tree and network data. But as we know there is a  need for various other data types or combination of the above ( 2, 2.5 dimensions or multi trees ) mentioned data types for detailed study of success of a commercial information viz.

Secondly the paper concentrates on the 7 task lists namely  Overview, zoom , filter, Details on Demand, relate, history and extract. The author has given good examples to explain the importance of these aspects which I found interesting. Author mentions about some of the advance filtering and does a comparison study of  how english and logical boolean expressions (AND , OR, NOT etc)  differ.

Even though these taxonomies have covered all the major parts, for a better understanding and detailed study this paper is not sufficient. As the author says in the summary for full effectiveness of an info viz they require, novel data structures, high resolution color displays, fast data retrieval , specialized data structures, parallel computation, user training and many more.