Thursday, September 22, 2011

Internship: Technical internships at Google: apply today

Technical internships at Google: apply today

This summer was one of our largest technical internship programs yet, with over 200 schools represented globally and over 1,000 interns in North America alone. In addition to working on challenging technical problems, the summer interns went indoor skydiving, got groovy on boat cruises and pulled all-nighters developing awesome apps at social hackathons.

Google interns work year round on a wide array of projects ranging from developing watermarking methods in Google Translate, to working on Google APIs Console, to creating spam filtering systems for Google Voice. Google offers internships throughout the year and we’re excited to announce the opening of our technical internship opportunities for winter and summer 2012.

To go along with this announcement we’re launching a video series to highlight the work that some of our interns did this summer. All of our interns have the opportunity to contribute in a number of ways by developing products that make a difference and are used by millions of people. This video series is just about that. Watch for yourself (we’ve included two of the videos in this post) to hear how Google interns made an impact this summer, and we hope you’ll apply here for 2012.

Interested in non-technical internships at Google? Stay tuned for the launch of the applications for the summer 2012 BOLD internship program!

Posted by Jacqueline Pan, University & Intern Programs Coordinator

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