Monday, September 19, 2011

Reaction : The Eyes Have it

The author mainly starts with the problems of representing huge amounts of data(collections). For example it is easy to represent a information from a page but if we have hundreds of books , it is a difficult task. Also the color visualization of the huge amounts of data is the area of research. He advocates his mantra of Visual Information by simple : Overview first , zoom and filter then details on demand. He then proposes the task by data type taxonomy and identifies 7 data types with a detailed section on each( 1-d,2-d ,temporal,network,multidimensional etc). The paper is well composed with articulate examples. The idea of simple overview, zoom and if necessary give details along with a defined structure of his data types is a good approach. However there are hurdles of software compatibility and user training and most importantly adoption of this universally to have a same user experience.