Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reaction: A Review of Overview+Detail, Zooming, and Focus+Context Interfaces

This paper covers UI designing strategies of a visualization tool.Main strategies include: overview +Detail, zooming, context+focus, cue. In a real life project these strategies come handy while designing the interface for a tool. This paper provides a detailed road-map for the same. Further in the paper, the author has examples to illustrate that there can not be a specific guideline to distinguish interface. For ex: Zoom is same as to focus + context.

There are lots of examples which make the paper look good initially. However without a few implementation details, I lost interest in it. There is a comprehensive research and a lot of coverage on relevant topics in this paper. According to me this is both the selling point and downside of this paper. As the author tries to cover a lot but misses a clear central idea for the paper.