Monday, November 21, 2011

Reaction: TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access

This paper discuss about Tilebar which is an effective analytical tool to evaluate importance of a document based on relative document length, query term frequencies and distribution.i agree that context and structure, both, should play an important role in information access from full text document collections. Author also mention other text retrieval techniques like similarity search which rank documents according to query term proximity and Boolean retrival which use set operations of group or differentiate documents. But their effectiveness fade as user is unaware about the contribution of query terms in ranking of retrieved documents.Structuring the query to include search by main topic and their subtopics would definitely improve full text retrieval techniques as diffrent distribution of term have different semantics.To supplement the above thought, author introduces new "Text Tiling" Algorithm which is intuitive but results are not aligned to expectations. Tilebars use deviation from standard behaviour and appropriate shade mapping as a measure of its visualization properties. Tilebars also allow user to customize their search and present results according to distribution pattern based on variation of interface. Author support finding with help of its application in medical field.This pattern will definitely improve the text retrieval techniques. Overall,the paper is well organized and very informative read.