Monday, November 21, 2011

Reaction: Information visualization for text analysis. Ch. 11 in Search User Interfaces.

This chapter gives an overview of visualization tools that apply to textual information, including visualization for text mining, document concordances and word frequencies, and citation relationships.

The chapter provides a quick summary of many tools, but although they try to explain each tool with a specific example, it is hard to understand completely the tool because they don't go in detail about the tool. The screenshot of the example helps the reader to understand the tool a little more, but it is not enough to see how useful is the tool or not. Also, the chapter provides the advantages and disadvantages of using the tool, which is helpful in order to compare all the tools that they mention

The chapter is useful providing a state of the art on tools that can visualize textual information, but the reader will need to do more research about a particular tool that is interesting for them.

From all the tools that they explain, I liked the document concordances tools because I was not familiar with those ones. Also, it is interesting to see that researches have tried to solve the problem of showing context of a word before.