Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reactions:Jigsaw: Supporting Investigative Analysis through Interactive Visualization.

This paper talks about Jigsaw system which helps analyst to retrieve information in document or report easily. Authors proposed this system to overcome difficulty to understand and makes sense from long and ever growing number of documents. Jigsaw provides multiple visualizations for data and link between content of reports. These multiple views different advantages of each view .Using these views interactively analyst can put the pieces of information together to reach conclusion(mainly find hidden information). It has following views: (1) List view with connection between object of different columns; (2) Graph view displaying link between reports and entities;(3) Scatter plot for closer investigation between any two categories and (4) Highlighted original text report.

I agree to author’s point that Jigsaw is a system to assist the analyst in sense making activities but not a substitute for careful analysis of reports. Paper is very structured and provides very well description of tool. Moreover paper also compare with works of similar tools like GeoTime, WebTAS, TRIST and SANDBOX. Jigsaw differs from other system because it focuses on (1) exploring relationships among the entities in documents and (2) representations of relationships.I feel Screenshot provided in paper helps in getting real good description of jigsaw views. I feel tool can be very useful because each view can overcome disadvantage of other views.