Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reaction:TileBars:Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access

The author has proposed a new display style 'TileBars' which provides users a comprehensive view of the length of the document, query term frequencies and distributional properties. I agree with the author's point of view that users should be able to see the relationship between their query and the documents returned by their query. Moreover, the role of the query terms in determining the ranking of the document is usually not shown. e.g. In keyword searches, only the resulting documents are listed without any information as to why the document was retrieved. I often find it difficult to scan through hundreds of documents returned by search results without knowing what caused the document to be shown in the first place. Displaying the query term frequency and other related quantitative information would definitely help in such situations.

The author says that it is necessary to separate the main topic and the sub-topics and querying against any of the subtopics should also leas to the full text document being retrieved. The possible relationships between words in the main topic and subtopic are shown.The texttile is an interesting way to represent the frequency of occurence of terms in the document.I feel such a pattern would definitely help people identify the information easily. Overall, the paper is well written with diagrams to supplement the author's explanations.