Monday, November 21, 2011

Reaction: TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access

In this paper, the author discusses about a visualization called TileBArs and their role in searching text in a full text. But the paper actually kicks off with the explanation about the jargon's that are involved in the paper. This gave me a kind of familiarity with the topic. The drawbacks of the other methods like similarity searching, ranking etc helped in understanding the reason for the thought and implementation of a visualization such as TileBars.

As we know that searching for a specific target with generalized words is very difficult. But the frequency of those general words in that specific target may be very high. So, visualization that help in searching these kinds of text in full text is very important and lot of research have been done and will be done in the future. I personally haven't seen much of the practical implementation of these visualization though.

More details about the implementations should have been provided to make this paper more interesting, but looking at the date in which this paper was published, this expectation looks a bit over. A little bit of googling on thing topic directed me to websites that describe this topic in much more depth. Overall the paper presented the topic of visualizations role in searching full texts in a good and in depth manner, which also gave a flavor of how demand urges innovation and creativity as this paper is written at the age of initial development in this field.