Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Visualization can be used effectively for text collection and literary analysis. This paper gives enormous details to prove that. In this chapter, Hearst explains about the existing tools which involve in exploring the text collections which can be used by both normal computer users and the non-computer analysts.

Hearst explains many systems which includes jigsaw, manyeyes by IBM, Tirage, Trist, TextARc and more. These systems help in analyzing the word frequencies, word concordances and text mining. Text mining is an upcoming field with social analysis and expected to grow with more people in the social networking.

I feel that TextArc system has the most impressive way of exploring the text collections. The Paper by Dr. Collins Document Content Visualization Using Language Structure explains more about the text arc systems. This system arranged the lines of text in a spiral and placed frequently occurring words within the center of the spiral. This way explains the relations between the word more clearly and many details can be extracted. With many such methods this paper is useful for people who are in the field of text mining.