Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reaction: Jigsaw: Supporting Investigative Analysis through Interactive Visualization

This is another article in the line of correlating seperate documents and their entities and see how siginificant their coupling in terms of concepts. The article warns the reader that this tool is simply to aid to understand the documents and correlate them and has no intention of replacing the documents. I feel this article is related to the TileBars paper as far as understanding the inherent relationships between the documents.

Jigsaw gives a large number of different views that are handy in analyzing the data from different angles and also connects this visualizations as explained in the scenario. The user is able to switch to different views to get detailed information regarding certain facets of the information. There is scatterplot for showing relationships between entities and the documents, graphs show incremental view of the same information. List view allows to select a particular node after arranging the list in a particular order and text view gives the document content.

I feel this visualization is more comprehensive that the TileBars; however in perspective both are meant for different analysis. I feel where Jigsaw really standsout is the different views it present. The visualizations have tremendous utilities by exposing small widgets like zooming, arraning the graph in the geospatial region, node expansions, timelines and sorting. In addition to this, it supports querying.

The paper also states the limitation of ZigZag system that being scalability and scrolling for a large list of data. It handles scalability in case of network graphs however.

I feel this tool is of great use to people trying to understand the documents and corroborate findings using different views.