Friday, November 25, 2011

Reaction: TileBars - Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access

This paper presents a new visualization pattern called Tile-Bars which shows the usefulness of explicit term distribution information in Boolean-type queries by making use of text structure while retrieving from full text documents.

It is a very useful analytical tool for understanding the results of Boolean-type queries. This visualization technique "TileBars" for full text searches the output and should also contain the frequency and distribution of words in the document algorithm called "TextTiling" to automatically determine the kind of document structure. The search results are displayed using rectangles and shaded squares indicating the length of document and subcategories of document and the shades denoting the frequency of word in that sub category. Its a very novel method of analyzing search results of Boolean queries and also provides a condense view containing the document length, key term frequency and distribution.

TitleBars is very effective as it presents a visual display of the results and thus the user can open the documents that have a high relevance to his search term and ignore the others. Apart from reducing the visual clutter, it also saves a lot of time for the user. This paper is a must read for people interested in the field of data mining and information retrieval.