Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reaction:Information visualization of text analysis.

In this chapter we understand about the various tools that can be used for text analysis.Number of tools have been presented in this chapter which helps the readers get a decent understanding of the various tools available.

In this chapter the author has tried to explain each tool with an example. However I felt that though examples are given,it is still a little difficult to get a detailed understanding about the usage of these tools.To use any of these tools,the user needs to research a little more personally before beginning to using the tool. This chapter acts as a good material to introduce the users to different tools to analyze text.

The author states some useful points about the usefulness of these tools to analyze textual information as this is a filed that is going to be very useful and popular for a long time.

Overall the paper is informative ,but the knowledge gained from the paper is not sufficient enough to start using these tools.