Monday, November 21, 2011

Reaction: Information Visualization for Text Analysis

This chapter presents a summary of large number of tools and products that aid in visualizing textual information, text mining, documents, websites, as well presents a good deal about the mining papers based on their relationships with the citations. The tools they described have an example associated with them but they lack the explanation in a much more granular level. The presentation of these many tools in a single chapter provides reader with multiple options to chose to continue research on, but the description given was very brief.

Most of visualizations presented in the chapter were already discussed in the class and acted as a good touch up on those concepts. This area of research is of high importance as we can see the growth in the amount of data in this fast pacing world. We need good visualization to represent this huge amount of text. The chapter kindled a thought in me about the difficulty in visualizing text when compared to that of numerical data.

I completely agree with theDude in the context of the citations. It is difficult to generate relationships to the paper based on the citations. There will be lot factors involved in this case which should have been considered while explaining. Overall, the chapter was a good read but would have made much more sense if the tools have been described much more in detail.