Friday, November 25, 2011


This paper is a very interesting read for data analysts and people interested in the field of text mining. This chapter describes ideas that have been put forward for understanding the contents of text collections from a more analytical point of view. The paper discusses applications in the field of Text Mining, which usually involve visualizing connections among entities within and across documents. It also discusses methods for visualization occurrences of words or phrases within documents and various attempts done to visualize relationships between words in their usage in language and in lexical ontologies.

I really liked the system, TRIST used for entity extraction to identify the people, places, and organizations that occur within the retrieved documents. Things of interest could also be dragged to the workspace below the search results and documents could also be grouped by clustering or automated categorization.

Each visualization/system has been supported by a very engaging image of itself which makes the visualization much clearer to understand. All the applications listed are pretty interesting like Jigsaw system, TAKMI text mining interface etc. Social visualization sites like IBM's, and other tools continue to make visualization generally accessible to non programmers. Overall a good read.