Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reaction: Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Role of Interaction in Information Visualization

Information visualization =  representation + interaction , I had known this, since reading the first paper so I think that this paper extends the view presented in some of the earlier papers that to attract audience towards the visualization, we need, not only excellent representation of data but also a way to present an interactive system (at higher abstraction of-course!). This paper was informative in the sense that, everyone knows how to interpret data from interactive charts, that are there on scale of millions on the web, but actually there is compartmentalization of this interactions, This was something new that I found out from the paper. It is a known fact, that, with interactive visualizations we can play around with data change it form to other and do many other eye-candy things, but the credit goes to the authors for drawing fine-lines among such various techniques to interact with a viz-system.

I strongly agree that this separation of interactive techniques presented in the paper is not the only way in which we can categorize interactions in visualization. But still it lays a founding stone for others to build upon if they wish to make the line of separation even more wider or smaller according to their way of interpreting this interaction.

Again just like the previous reading of this week, I found this paper to be definitive, when it comes to naming and definition for the techniques of interaction which we all use but when asked to distinguish often leave us stumped and loss of words.