Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reaction: The Eyes Have It: A Task by Data Type Taxonomy for Information Visualizations

The paper has a good take on how the data has been traditionally been displayed, using the data types mentioned in paper.  I support the authors view that with the amount of resources at our hand, it is very much possible to go one step ahead and try dynamic on-the-go manipulation on information visualization. When we apply those mantra’s of visualization, we can present information at a rapid rate. The author was aptly pointing out that, to take total advantages of these ideas of visualization, we need much more novel ways of representating our data, along with increase in resoucres at our disposal (like high end parallel computing, high resolution display etc.)

The idea that, modern day computer acting as a helping hand towards presenting information using unique tools like the fisheye views needs more attention is conceivable. I think if we can make progress in developing such tools further, which has a plenty of scope definitely; can help in exploration of data which is both magnanimous and complex.

What I learnt from the paper was the precise notion of various data types mentioned and how visualization is coming to terms with modern complex data types. The mantra given in the paper needs a serious attention in the sense that it can facilitate utilities in such complex information visualization.

What bewilders me is, that since we are floating in the clouds, given the indispensable resources and computing at our hands how can we use them to go further ahead on the track the authors have tried to lay down by showing their studies of introducing complex viz data types to make work of a user elementary? I am pretty much sure that we are far from over in terms of identifying more novel exploration tools of info viz.