Saturday, September 17, 2011

Event: BioVis 2011 Papers & Abstracts now Online

This is coupled with the premier event in viz, visweek. Worth going if u can. 

BioVis 2011 Papers & Abstracts now Online

 The first IEEE 

Symposium of BioVis is gearing up to rock Providence, Rhode Island next month along with the rest of VisWeek, and their website now shows the selected list of papers, abstracts, and keynotes.    But if you want to go, you need to move quickly because the early registration period ends next Friday.

Registration for the 1st IEEE Symposium on Biological Data Visualization (BioVis 2011) is now open. BioVis 2011 will take place in Providence, RI (USA), co-located with IEEE VisWeek, the premier forum for visualization advances for academia, government, and industry.

Early registration (reduced rate) for this meeting ends on Friday, 16 September. Single day and two day registrations are available in addition to full week registration. Discounts are available for ISCB, IEEE and ACM members, details are can be found on the registration page.

The goal of BioVis is to create the premier international and interdisciplinary event for all aspects of visualization in biology. This symposium will bring together researchers from the visualization, bioinformatics, and biology communities with the purpose of educating, inspiring, and engaging visualization researchers in biological data visualization, as well as bioinformatics and biology researchers in state-of-the-art visualization research. As the first annual BioVis Symposium, this event seeks to emphasize inclusion and interaction between these communities as its primary impact.

The program of the meeting includes:

  • a keynote by Lynda Chin (MD Anderson Cancer Center / Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard)
  • a primer by Lawrence Hunter (UC Denver) and Kun Huang (Ohio State)
  • a special session on challenges in biological data visualization with invited speakers Arthur Olson (The Scripps Research Institute), Cydney Nielsen (BC Cancer Agency Genome Sciences C...

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