Sunday, September 11, 2011

Data: Exploring the Original Transcripts of Early Space Exploration

SpaceLog: Exploring the Original Transcripts of Early Space Exploration


The website SpaceLog [] opens up the original transcripts of early space exploration in an easily readable, searchable and linkable format. The available missions range from Vostok 1, the first human space flight, to Apollo 13, the mission with "a problem". Included with most transcripts are photographs taken both from the ground and by the crew in space, as well as other information about the mission, and any problems that occurred.

The textual content originates from transcripts of radio communications between crews and mission control. Each line starts with a timestamp, in Ground Elapsed Time, which is the time (in days, hours, minutes and seconds) since 'lift-off'. Eventual photographs are shown inline at a suitable place.

The website contains, interestingly enough, a few simple but interactive data graphics, such as visual depictions of the different 'phases' of the space voyage, and a historical timeline revealing the relative communication "activity" over time.

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