Monday, September 12, 2011

Charting Tool:

We have seen many charting tools in the class so far ranging from the google charting API to the flare to the ExtJS. Here is one more to the growing list of the charting tools.

Okay so you will ask whats new of this tool that sets it apart from the rest rite?

Here the reason - is a complete-online solution to the creating interactive flashy charts. No need to download any API or import any libraries. Step 1. Select the type of chart you want Step 2. Load the data in the dialog box provided  and your are done! whats best, you can publish or embed the generated chart in your blogs, web pages anywhere

I created an PieChart and published it to get an embed code (basically an iframe) which now I can include in any blog, website etc. The embed code looks like this -

<iframe name='' src=';content' width='510' height='320' marginwidth='0' marginheight='0' frameborder='0' scrolling='auto' >Report problems to</iframe>

A cool feature I think it has that, this is interactive chart so there is scope to present data in much better than one can ever think, like selecting row-data from table and highlighting on chart and vice-versa. There are scatter chart, line chart, maps, venn diagram etc. for whole list check here.
PS: all this on the go without me having to download any library or API. (future is great for such tools with advent of cloud!!!)

The website thanks the googleAPI team so I believe that in the backend it is the GoogleApp engine that powers this site so one might argue its uniqueness but for the features that it provides I think it a utility rather than ya yet another charting tool,