Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project: MoViz

MoViz is a novel visualization that provides a single platform for all your movie rating and review needs. MoViz brings together rating and reviews from Rotten tomatoes, Amazon and IMDB to depict differences and similarities in ratings to help you decide better. If also shows you the number of users who trust a certain source.
This visualization does give a lot of importance to the consolidated ratings obtained from different sources. We have loaded the top 50 movies (from IMDN top 250 list) into our data store. The following is a snapshot of the Ratings tab:

The following are the details of the project:
The team: Anil Kulkarni, Deepa Bantwal Baliga, Shilpa Srinivasan, Sreeja Ravikumar.
The source code:

The screen cast demo can be found here: