Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Project: Demystifying Cricket

About the Project
Demystifying Cricket is an visualization which helps users to visualize and thus analyze statistical data related to the game of Cricket. Cricket is a popular sport in the Asian and European countries with a fan-base in millions. Cricket is a game which originated in England in 1877 and thus has a huge statistical data related to around thousands of matches played worldwide! However, there has been no attempt at making this data analyzable using the modern tools of visualization. We have done just that.

Our aim is to take this huge data-set of matches, series and players together and construct visualizations which will help an avid fan to play around and simplify the gleaning of  information at the same time. 

For the data-set, we have taken data from the site HowStat! which has a collection of data since 1877. The data on this site is humongous in every-way with no structure of a database available. Thus, we have created our own database using the data from this site. 

The data-set or the database is in MySQL and can be found in the Github repository under the file-name 'Cricket.sql'.

For more information and description of our project, we have provided a detailed screen-cast and hosted them on YouTube. 
Here are their links: Part 1 and Part 2.

Screen-shots of our application

 Fig 1. The HomePage -  World Cup Globe

Fig 2. The Cartogram Globe 

Fig 3. Team Performance Chart 

Fig 4. Head to Head Performance Chart 

Fig 5. Batting Statistics Charts

The future work of our visualization focuses on making the database incorporate batting statistics for Test Matches and Bowling Statistics - thus to create a full-scale Cricket visualization Powerhouse. Furthermore, most of these charts can be modeled along the lines of a slider cum timeline which users can use to detect a significant pattern in their team's performance. We have so much data that we can also predict the probability of a team winning a game against one particular team at a particular venue! 

Finally, here are the related links for our Project:

  1. The Live Application:
  2. The Source Code:
  3. The ScreenCast(s): Part 1 & Part 2
  4. The Team:  Mayur Awaghade, Ameya Gholkar, Micheal Matthews, Swathi Subramanian
Thanks to Dr.Watson for an excellent course with great insight into visualizations and its concepts and also for guiding us throughout the course of the Project. We would also like to thank Clayton Coleman, Bill Houghteling, and Prof. Patrick Fitzgerald for their great and helpful feedback.


Michael said...

Yea, I had an absolute blast doing this project. I did want to say a couple more things, since I was so sleep deprived in both the presentation and the screen cast I forgot to. I know full well that the cartogram should've had smaller circles. Also, I'm fairly certain that there are some wrap around techniques that would eliminate that texture cutoff when you map it onto the sphere. I spent more time to trying to tune it to be faster, and to just make it work than anything. Also, I know that the transparency in the globe isn't necessary for what we ended up doing, but it was necessary for some of the ideas that I had, like highlighting the world cup runner up, or really and 3D highlighting mechanism that I was thinking about (namely a particle system of some kind). Lastly, I know that clicking on flags through the transparency is probably just weird at first, but I seriously started doing that instead of using the menu. I can think of a couple more standard ways to just click around the area instead of using the menu, like having country flags just sitting on the right side of the screen, but that's the interaction that I started using, so I thought I should note it.

Anyway, it was a whole lot of fun, and the team put in a truly massive amount of work. I hope others enjoy the outcome!