Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project: Census of India

Census of India attempts to visualize the Indian population census of 2011. The population of India as of Feb 2011 is 1.2 billion which is a very large number and hence the census data is also large. In our project we have presented this data to the user in a good interactive way rather than plain textual form. The web visualization is interactive which map of India and charts to represent the data. In these charts we have presented some important categories such as the population size, sex ratio and literacy. We have also given a feature to compare 5 states so as to quickly know the trends of each state and who wins in which category.

We developed the site using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
We made use of the HighCharts API for charts and ammap for the map.
Editor used was Microsoft Expression Web 4.
Data set was the XML file containing data. This file is available for download on the website itself.

Website hosted on:

Source Code:

Screen cast on YouTube:

Aditya Sahasrabuddhe, Anuj Sharma and Pavan Gopal Bandla

We would like to thank Dr. Watson for his help and invaluable feedback throughout the studio sessions which helped us in iterative designing of the visualization. We would also like to thank all the guests ( present during studio sessions and the final presentation) for their important feedback.