Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project: Baseball Visualization

Baseball Visualization attempts to capture important statistics in the history of baseball over the past 100 years in the form of data sets and the visualization is done on the data by using HTML, CSS, Javascript and JQuery. Using this visualization tool, we have uncovered some important correlations in the history baseball by analyzing the players performance, U.S. statewide statistics and the performance of the teams in the American and National leagues. We have also shown how significant events in the history of baseball have had an impact on the game and on the different leagues. It is easy to navigate the homepage and find the visualization tools that we have built. We have also embedded a link for GitHub for ease of navigation to the source code from the homepage. Please feel free to express your comments that will help us in the future development of the project.

Here are the links:

Source code - -

Visualization site -

Data set -

Screencast -

Who are we ?

Vikhyath Reddy Marapadaga (vmarapa), Charan Chaudary Lekkalapudi (clekkal), Vinay K. Patnana (vkpatnan) & Ravi Teja Manda (vrmanda).

We express our sincere thanks to Dr. Watson for guiding us in the project and providing us valuable feedback that helped us stay on proper course in the project.