Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tool: Test your Web Apps on Chrome with ChromeDriver

Google Open Source Blog

ChromeDriver is a tool for testing websites with Google Chrome that implements the open source WebDriver wire protocol so it can easily be integrated with an existing WebDriver test suite. For those who aren't familiar with WebDriver, you may want to refer to our initial post about the project. Simply put, WebDriver presents an object-based API for automating the web from a real users perspective, such as clicking elements on a page and typing into text fields.

The WebDriver API is available for many popular browsers.  Each browser has its own driver, with ChromeDriver, of course, supporting the WebDriver API for Google Chrome. Unlike other drivers which are maintained by the open source Selenium/WebDriver team, ChromeDriver is developed by Chromium, the open source project that Google Chrome is based on.

Besides a new ChromeDriver release this past week, we wanted to share info about a new website dedicated to the project: This site will serve as the central location for all things relating to ChromeDriver. You can use the new site to:

ChromeDriver works with the current stable, beta, and dev versions of Google Chrome. Older versions of Google Chrome are not supported and are not guaranteed to be compatible with ChromeDriver.  Consult the release wiki for more information on our release and support policy.

Thanks for testing with Google Chrome!

By Ken Kania, Chromium Developer