Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tool: Data Visualization Platform, Weave, Now Open Source

By some authors of the latest viz textbook. 

Data Visualization Platform, Weave, Now Open Source

There’s a new web-based data visualization platform on the horizon named Weave, built through a partnership of several institutes that aims for high-speed interactivity and responsiveness across a wide variety of visualizations and datatypes.

Weave is the result of a broad partnership: it was developed by the Institute for Visualization and Perception Research at the University of Massachussetts Lowell, with support from the Open Indicators Consortium, which is made up of over ten municipal, regional, and state member organizations. This consortium will probably expand now that Weave is open source, leading hopefully to greater collaboration, more development, and further innovation on this important platform.

The code is available right now in Git under GPLv3.  Unlike other options like ManyEyes or Fusion Tables, it’s meant for you to setup your own server and access it locally.

via Data Visualization Platform, Weave, Now Open Source | Government In The Lab.

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