Saturday, July 2, 2011

Data: announces new Recovery Explorer App

Lots of govt data going web. announces new Recovery Explorer App, the government website that’s supposed to introduce some transparency into government my showing how the billions in US Stimulus funds is allocated, is rolling out a new feature today that allows users to create and customize their own visualizations of the data.
“This remarkable new feature allows you to chart data submitted by recipients of Recovery funds in ways that are most important to you,” Devaney said. “Recovery Explorer is easy to navigate. If you want to change what is being displayed on a graph or chart, all you have to do is change the category and a new graph or chart with the information you want will be displayed.”
In addition to the new tools on their website, they plan to launch a pair of new iPhone and iPad apps later next month.
I played around with it a bit, at a first it seemed rather restrictive, forcing you to choose one of their pre-built visualizations.  However, very quickly I found myself almost overwhelmed with options, finally settling on a basic treemap of the US Army Corps of Engineers spending by State.  They is an astounding amount of information and flexibility here, but it can take a bit to find it.  It’s lacking any kind of nice Embed option for the Web2.0 crowd, but it allows you to export the data and visualizations into CVS, excel, and a few other formats.  Go check it out, and post some of your own finds in the comments!

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