Monday, January 14, 2008

Finding Procedural Modeling Readings

Discussion of potential readings on procedural modeling. Please post any suggestions and discussion as comments on this post.


Stuart Heinrich said...

I think this paper is really cool..the results look amazing

Ben Watson said...

Good choice, Stu. Putting it up! I'm coupling it with one of their citations that we're already reading these days, a paper by Wei and Levoy about texture synthesis.

Any other procedural modeling papers that interest you? Perhaps perlin noise?


Stuart Heinrich said...

I think we all know the basic premise of Perlin noise, and how it can be used to create a random planet etc, so unless I find something stunning and new I don't think there would be much point. But here's another paper (you can get it through databases / IEEE on lib website):

Terrain Guided Multi-Level Instancing of Highly Complex Plant Populations

Andreas Dietrich Gerd Marmitt
Computer Graphics Group, Saarland University 
Philipp Slusallek

Stuart Heinrich said...

This one is on 3D texture synthesis:

Ben Watson said...

I like the plant one one... and I have a good idea for a good match with it.

Ben Watson said...

Okay, I've wanted to read the solid texture paper too!