Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reaction: A Survey of Algorithms for Volume Visualization

Elvins gives a better overview of the principles that "Marching cubes" exemplifies. The article mentions the importance of animation in the process of generating these visualizations; an element I lost sight of while reading the "Marching Cubes" article. Animation is a powerful tool in the world of visualization. Coupling it with 3D renderings adds extensive functionality for several applications that require realistic renderings to reduce costs and increase safety.

I found the splatting algorithm presented in this article to be the most interesting. Elvins gives a different perspective on methods of rendering with this section where speed is favored over quality. The way he described the process in running the splatting algorithm helped to mentally visualize how a rendering would be generated. With improvements in hardware the rendering can occur so quickly it may not be as easy to visualize, as seen in this video: