Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reaction: Imaging Vector Fields Using Line Integral Convolution

Cabral and Leedom give an insight into the work that is required to perform some common forms of image processing. Overall, I enjoyed reading this article because of the application of the algorithms on photo manipulation. As a Photoshop user, the DDA circular and turbulent convolution of image is something I take for granted since they are easy to impose on an image with a click of a button. Unfortunately, these techniques are not part of my usual photo post-processing tool-set since I do not see their purpose past making cool textures. The LIC algorithm, on the other hand, is something that I could see myself using in post-processing as action photography can sometimes be difficult to pull off.

Cabral and Leedom comment that 'spot noise [can] inaccurately represent the vector field' in some situations. In my opinion, to which extent can these inaccuracies be detected by the naked eye? Do the inaccuracies significantly affect the overall visualization?