Saturday, February 25, 2012

Find: LG reportedly building first Boot2Gecko phone as Mozilla preps app store

A new entry into the mobile os sweepstakes sounds a lot like chrome os. Makes me think the reported convergence of chrome os and android may be real. 

Ars Technica

Mozilla's Web-centric Boot2Gecko (B2G) mobile platform is maturing at a rapid pace. As we reported earlier this month, the operating system has already attracted hardware partners and will be demoed at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event. Mozilla is also planning to unveil its new application storefront, called the Mozilla Marketplace, which will allow third-party developers to sell applications that are built with standards-based Web technologies.

A new report from ExtremeTech cites anonymous sources who say that LG is one of Mozilla's hardware partners. The company is said to be working towards the launch of a developer-focused smartphone that will ship with an early version of the B2G operating system.