Monday, July 4, 2011

Tool: Dotspotting's Toner Cartography available for download

An API for vector tiles. Looks nice! 

Dotspotting's Toner Cartography available for download

One of the central tenets of the Knight News Challenge grant for Citytracking was that the work would happen in public, and that we'd make the work public as we go. The project has been downloadable on GitHub for some time now, and will continue to be so, and we're announcing today the availability of the source files for Toner, the online cartographic style that underlies the project.

We're considering a few different options for hosting these tiles long-term; supporting a few hundred users is all well and good, but having the whole world hammer on a custom tile server is going to take some doing. Interested parties, please get in touch! The project needs your input.

In the meantime, here are examples of some of the world's tonier (see what I did there?) areas:

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Midtown Manhattan

Champ De Mars (Eiffel Tower), Paris

Champ De Mars (Eiffel Tower) 2, Paris

Tiergarten, Berlin

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